Red Planet Ho!


Well, this is exciting news!  Exile Games Studio has just launched (and its already over 2/3rds of the way there) their latest Kickstarter project, the long awaited, much desired (just look at that picture!) Revelations of Mars.

Okay, so I am a bit biased on this one.  These guys are enablers of my craft, encouragers of all things original, and long-time friends (they could even qualify as extended family).  Jeff Combos and Sechin Tower gave me an opportunity and I will forever be grateful to them for it.

None of that has anything to directly do with the inevitable awesomeness that will be Revelations, but I feel it necessary to shout it from a mountaintop (Ron Burgundy-style) and cheer these guys on.

I could go in to great depth on this project, but Jeff’s already done that.  Instead, I’ll limit it to this:  Four-armed, green-skinned Martian princesses! Swashbuckling sky pirates! Beast-riding! Ubiquity system! WOO!

To get involved in this incredible journey, open this door and step inside…

Enjoy the ride!

(And congratulations, Exile!)


Through the Perilous Jungles We Go

Hollow Earth Expedition

Hollow Earth Expedition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exile Games Studio (found here: gave me an opportunity several years back to write for their exciting Hollow Earth Expedition RPG line.

The game’s creators, Jeff Combos and Sechin Tower, approached me about writing an adeventure for their game.  It was set in the Amazon and wanted to have a thematically blended feel as if Indiana Jones and Jason Bourne got together for lunch to swap a few stories. This wasn’t my first writing assignment, but it was one I was particularly excited about — the pulp genre has long been a favorite of mine — and I dove into the material headfirst.  Writing for the project proved to be truly enjoyable, educational, and exciting.  Sure, there were rewrites and edits (no good writing exists without either), but the entire process was an experience for which I am grateful and proudly boast about (obviously).

The adventure, Miracle Stone of the Amazon, existed first in PDF-only mode (found here: ) but has recently been bundled together with three other Exile Games Studio surface world adventures in a Kickstarter-funded book entitled Perils of the Surface World (seen here:  The reviews of Miracle Stone were solid and, much to my honor, I was nominated for an ENnie RPG award for Best Adventure.

If wearing a fedora, punching Nazis, and using an elephant gun on a charging T-Rex is your kind of thing (and really, who doesn’t enjoy a good punch-to-the-Nazi-face?) I urge you to check the system out.  Its a treasure.  And while you’re at it, take a look at the adventure I wrote, if the reviews and nomination are any indication, you’ll have a good time.