The Beginning Is a Very Good Place to Start

I’ve been writing, both personally and professionally, for many years.  In all that time, I have written things both exciting and terrible, things over which I have been jubilent and things about which I have been embarassed.

The majority of my writings have long-since disappeared.  Some were written longhand and the paper upon which they were written vanished into some unknown corner of the cosmos (possibly where extra socks go and where cats hide remotes).  Some were written on computer files that faced the foolish doom of hard drive crashes whose data had never been backed up.  Some were simply too poor to allow their continued existence and were deleted, thrown away, or otherwise willed from existence.

screenpanel5The Chronicler Papers was a role-playing game campaign I ran approximately three years ago.  It occurred within the Dresden Files universe — a modern world where magic, faeries, wizards, and vampires are very, very real (Google it for more; the novel series, written by Jim Butcher, is one of my favorite story cycles and the role-playing game, published by Evil Hat, is FATE-derived and phenomenal) — and focuses on a group of Librarians who protect the world from “bibliomantic aberrations”.  Bibliomantic aberrations are monsters fabricated from the indomitable powers of collective, creative thought, that is created and driven by the very powers of belief.  As their name implies, these creatures were culled from various forms of media, with the oldest and most powerful finding their roots in print.  Classic heroes and villains from aged tales, such as Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and the Big Bad Wolf, could spring to life in this magical world and stalk the very real streets of our world.

The heroes of our game, the Librarians, hunted and re-bound these aberrations via mystical implements to the Book, a literary prison contained within the Athenaeum, the Librarians’ headquarters.  As hinted at by their base’s name, the Librarians stemmed their own power from the Greek goddess, Athena, and many aspects of her worship and faith had trickled down to form the foundation of the Athenaeum and the Librarian agents.

There is a great deal more to this than the very slight preview related above.  So, to read more, check out the actual play document itself located at the end of this post.  It is not a complete game and does require the FATE-powered game, Dresden Files RPG (mentioned above) to run.  You should be able to find that at any FLGS or directly via Evil Hat’s website, here:

These Chronicler Papers serve as an example of my writing and a creative endeavor of which I am quite proud.  Comments and opinions are desired, so please reply freely!

Chronicler Papers download link:  Chronicler Papers The Athenaeum