Learning to Fly

At the very beginning of December last year, the superhero MMOing community lost a home.  The much loved City of Heroes ceased to be.  The doors were closed and an eight year old world continued to exist in memory alone.

This was an upsetting occurrence for many people.  Certainly, it was a “game”, but for many of its fans, City of Heroes (as well as its wicked counterpart, City of Villains, and their linking intermediary, City of Rogues) was a virtual community.  Relationships, quite real and intense for some (several marriages stemmed from meetings through the game), had been formed out of the community that this environment provided.  Naturally, when those doors were shut, there were emotions of frustration, anger, and disappointment.



City of Heroes is back…sort of.  Its “spiritual successor”, City of Titans is coming to life.  Created by fans and followers during the final breaths of the original, City of Titans (it wasn’t always called that) came into existence.  Over the past year, these volunteers (yes, they work around their own day jobs — these people are incredibly dedicated and, clearly, this project is a labor of very real love) have put forth their talents and efforts to bring a new “City” to light.  Collectively, they call themselves “Missing Worlds Media”, and through their, and the other thousands of dedicated fans of the game and genre, hard work we have seen a new Kickstarter project bound to life, full of vigor, want, and passion.

Having loved capes and tights for as long as my eyes and imagination functioned, something enabling me to play a cloud-soaring superhero is a gift I treasure.  Naturally, I will be supporting this endeavor.  I urge you to go check these folks out.  Like any Kickstarter project, there are risks involved, but nothing will be created by passive observation.