They’re Coming To Get You, Uhura

English: A stylized delta shield, based on the...

English: A stylized delta shield, based on the Star Trek logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of the many fantastic things about Star Trek, it is a license where anything can happen.  Episodes can be intense, they can be light-hearted, they can examine social issues, they can be straight-up space shootouts, they can be comedies, they can be horrific.  This diversity lends itself very well to the roleplaying table, affording creative GMs and players alike the opportunity to tell stories as they want, not those confined to a handful of genres.

Due to the general isolation involved in Star Trek (despite how populous the galaxy happens to be), horror is a common element.  Whether this is a stalking, “misunderstood” salt vampire, a vampiric, sentient cloud, or a microorganism that devolves its host to primal beasts, horror is a common theme throughout Star Trek.

So it was so for my game.  In this case, I had always wanted to see zombies in Star Trek beyond the Borg.  The Borg were an obvious zombie analogy, and one done so well they became fan favorites, whose appearance spanned multiple series and spawned a movie in which they starred.  But they needn’t be the only Star Trek zombie, so I put my hand to another one.

And the Genesis Expanse provided ample means and grounds with which to plant the seeds of my Star Trek zombies, as this week’s episode reveals.  So, without further delay, I happily present the latest Star Trek episode:

Episode 13 Garden of Eden


Post GenCon 2013 Report

Gen Con

Gen Con (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GenCon has come and gone.

For me, at least, it was a great time where I got to hang out and game with friends, despite having a horrific head cold.  It was a crowded con, GenCon is already reporting breaking numerous attendance records — and you could tell.

Unfortunately, my illness (and, from which, my daughter was just recovering) activities were minimal, but there is always next year!  The dealer hall (our favorite feature) was as filled with innovative and intriguing ideas as ever.  The big wins for us this year:  getting to see our “extended family” at Exile Games (always a tremendous highlight), all things Numenera, a good friend of ours getting “devoured” by a ten-foot tall balloon Cthulhu, and getting to game with my best friends (sans one who was unable to make the con this year) in our hotel room.  Game of choice this year:  Lacuna.

The illness kept us from a great many activities we had hoped to do:  Walk of the Dead dance on Saturday night, midnight movie on Friday night, Exile game marathon, and the Numenera launch party, to name a few.

There were a few things I was not too pleased about at this year’s GenCon.  Chief amongst them:  Fantasy Flight Games’ booth access.  Without going in to great detail, let’s just say that standing in a 20-45 minute line just to wander through your booth is a huge turn-off.  They have great products, I am (mostly) a fan of the new Star Wars RPG line, but come on, there has got to be a more consumer-friendly method of allowing access (just for browsers) to your booth.

Anyway, you all will see posts begin to spring up here concerning Numenera when the Star Trek episode posts come to a close, so keep your eyes peeled for those.  And now we go in to planning mode for next year’s “Best Four Days in Gaming!”

Till then, roll on…