Making the Old New

One of the many goals I set for myself when I decided to run a Star Trek campaign, especially one set in the earlier years of Starfleet — like those we all saw in the Original Series — was to recreate some of the original episodes, but do so in a way that presented role-playing opportunities for my group.  When the group is nine players strong, that can be somewhat of an issue.  Situations that were compelling for two or three characters may not have enough challenge, and the themes from 50+ years ago are not always relevant (although many, surprisingly, still were).

Mudd's Women

Mudd’s Women (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Mudd’s Women” was the first episode I tackled.  Many of its elements were no longer relevant and the idea of a comic-relief character did not sit well with my vision of Star Trek, so there were a great number of liberties taken.  There was also a later episode, “I, Mudd” that heavily influenced my ideas.

The result is Episode 3 of our Star Trek campaign.  Enjoy!

Episode 3 Mudd’s Angels


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