To Explore Strange New Worlds…

English: Logo from the television program Star...

English: Logo from the television program Star Trek: TOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part of the fun of Star Trek is exploration.  Exploration of exotic places as well as concepts.  That was the general idea behind this episode, exploring the unknown.  Another goal of this episode was to mirror the mundane with the unusual in an effort to highlight the broad spectrum of life a Starfleet Officer was likely to find when traveling amongst the stars.

As with all of the episodes I wrote for our game, there are small Easter Eggs hidden here and there within the adventure’s text and action for the astute Trekkie.

This episode lacks new alien species and starships.  Instead it introduces elements and situations encouraging classic Star Trek solutions, urging players to think outside the box and push the narrative influence a system like FATE enables.

Let me know what you think.  If you do play through the episode, I’d love to hear the solutions your crew came up with to overcome their challenges.

Episode 2 Rogue Planet


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