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I’ve been wrestling with how best to proceed with the remaining Star Trek material I crafted for the campaign I ran.  At first I thought about putting similar items together in specific, supplement-like books, but I didn’t really feel it did the presentation any justice.  It also didn’t provide a frame of reference for whatever it was I was going to put out there.  Plus, this blog is, ultimately, meant as a showcase for my writings, not just a Star Trek FATE library of game mechanics.

So, I settled on publishing it in the same manner my players experienced it:  as an episodic series of adventures.  Each episode was written for my players, meaning that there are inevitably going to be portions that apply to characters specific to the campaign in which they were ran.  My thought is that folks can either tear apart the offered material, take what they want and throw out the rest, or, if anyone is remotely interested, they will ultimately accumulate a Star Trek campaign.

These episodes sometimes borrow from existing Star Trek episodes.  Sometimes, these episodes will completely re-write existing Star Trek episodes into a playable game format.  A good majority of the time, however, these are all original.

The campaign is presented with the assumption that the player characters are assigned to different departments and the captain of their starship remains a non-player character.  While this may differ a bit from classic Star Trek, in that the captain is more of a “mission provider” in this campaign than an active swashbuckler, I felt if was necessary to remove the potential burden of one player possessing greater narrative command over another.  Of course, this is also easily changed for individual campaigns.

This particular episode starts at the very beginning of our Star Trek heroes’ careers — they are fresh from the Academy, serving in departments.  In time, it is intended that they become department heads and provide greater influence over the decisions and directions of each episode.

Furthermore, there is a story arc presented here.  Since it is presented in adventuring format, it may not be quite as clear as I remember it or how it played through for my group.  That’s okay, though.  With this out there, its really no longer “my” story and instead becomes “our” story.

My plan is, like a television series, to get these out to everyone with one episode per week.  I warn ahead of time, as life, work, and everything in between can occasionally get hectic, this may be two weeks at certain periods.  For those left waiting or wanting, I apologize now for any delay.

Finally, I welcome comments, questions, critiques, and plain old conversation.  Feel free to make posts, express opinions and different viewpoints.

So, without further delay, cue the music, and…

Episode 1 Future Reflections


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