A Few Modifications…

Yesterday, I posted the first portion of a Star Trek FATE game I put together a few years back for my group (https://offscriptgames.wordpress.com/2013/04/27/to-boldy-go/).


NCC-1701 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Like any game, errata is a given and there were a few things that, once I printed it for friends, realized would be helpful.  Therefore, I put together a quick rules addendum.  This addendum provides trait combinations for common rolls as well as some Merit advancement costs for Advantages.  Since that’s just a page and a half add-on, I figured it might be nice, here, to include the character sheet we used during the campaign.  You’ll find the link for these documents at the end of this post.

It is my intention to release the second part of the PDF document in the next day or two and will continue to release all of the information I put together for both the rulebook as well as the campaign I ran, providing a jumping off point for a complete Star Trek game.

Star Trek Rules Addendum

Star Trek Character Sheet


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