To Boldy Go

English: A stylized delta shield, based on the...

English: A stylized delta shield, based on the Star Trek logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reimaginings and resurgences are a spelndid way of breathing new life to old concepts and themes.  This has been accomplished a myriad of times, in a myriad of ways, covering a myriad of subjects.  Whether it is a fresh beginning for beloved comic book heroes or a relaunch of a favored science fiction story, taking a new look at something classic often brings an unseen perspective and provides the chance to showcase a story to an untapped audience.

One successful example of a relaunch is Star Trek.  From the original series to Next Generation to Deep Space Nine to Voyager to Enterprise and back, full circle, to the recent film reimagining of the original series, Star Trek serves a splendid role model for, not just a successful franchise, but successful re-examinations.  Each show has spawned new generations of fans, and the recent films capitalized on the collective fanbase, catapulting Star Trek to new heights of popularity and acceptance.

Like the many examinations of Star Trek through film and television, Star Trek role-playing gaming has gone through similar evolutions.  There was FASA’s early Star Trek game based on the original series.  There was Last Unicorn’s Star Trek brand which covered the original series, Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine.  Additionally, Decipher released a version of Star Trek that covered the original series, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise.  And like the television shows on which these games were based, they have each spawned their own fans and popularity.

In each case, these various game systems took their own approach to what made Star Trek exciting, intriguing, and playable.  All of them did an admirable job, providing thousands of fans the means by which to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new lifeforms.

Star Trek had always fascinated me.  The combination of social commentary and exciting space conflict, swashbuckling adventure and epic vessel combat all served to make Star Trek an enjoyable pasttime.  It provided countless hours of entertainment as well as even more hours of debate and conversation.  As an avid gamer and gamemaster and long-time game tinkerer, I had always wanted to try my hand at “reinventing” Star Trek for the gaming community.  About two years ago, I did exactly that.

After being introduced to the FATE system (by Evil Hat) via Spirit of the Century, I began to see a new possible approach to Star Trek and one that would provide an exploration of that universe in a method not yet touched by previous incarnations.  When Strands of Fate was released by Void Star (found here: I found the final inspiration I needed to embark on my own Star Trek journey.

There was a great deal of thought and effort put into my Star Trek creation, but the final product is one which I am proud.  And now, proudly, I present the first section, with the following sections to be revealed in upcoming posts.  So, without further adieu, let us boldy go…

Star Trek FATE – Character Creation


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