The Littlest Things

Day 175...One Ring

Day 175…One Ring (Photo credit: bandita)

There are some stories that have enduring and tremendous mass appeal, often bridging multiple media forms.  Some are based on real world (often tragic) events, most are fictional, guided and maintained by the imagination.  For the geeks of the world, a vast menu of appealing delicacies exist.  Whether science fiction like Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, or Doctor Who or fantasy like The Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, we geeks have choices.  On this particular occasion, it is the tale of a Ring that grabbed my interest.

Two years ago, at GenCon 2011, a fascinating and exciting print release hit the market.  Spinning off the feverish fandom of The Lord of the Rings, while taking the brave (and so very appropriate) approach of the novel rather than the more modern media of film, was a Hobbit-oriented role-playing game publication called The One Ring:  Adventures Over the Edge of the Wild.

Published by Cubicle 7, and found here on the web:, The One Ring took an intriguing approach to classic fantasy gaming.  Some of the staples were there to create the classic adventure:  warriors, rogues, monsters, treasure, and travel.  However, some expected staples were missing or altered significantly in their presentation.  This was not a deterrent, this was a boon.

Magic, as it had come to typically be expected in gaming circles, present as arcane auras, fiery blasts, and otherworldy summons, was altogether missing.  Certainly, some of the special powers that player heroes could acquire would be branded as magic, but the expected “norm” simply was not to be.  Similarly, while ancient tombs existed to be examined and plundered,  The One Ring’s gameplay — much like the literature from which it was derived — largely focused on the journey (and companionship) rather than the destination.  These differences set the game apart from other fantasy role-playing games instantly and became a source of pro- and con- debate for many admirers and fans.

The game, as should be apparent from my words above, interested me.  As always, never one to be satisfied with things as they are printed by another, I found things, “small things” that I felt should be added to, enhanced, and otherwise subjected to my creative stamp.  This came primarily as new talents, some additional conflict maneuvers, and a handful of weapons gathered together in a relatively brief document titled “Woven Shadows”.

So, with a modicum of pride, I showcase this Rules Addendum for The One Ring:  Woven Shadows Rules Addendum


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